Latest travel related news in times of COVID-19

Maduro Travel is your go-to destination for all questions relating to alterations in air and sea travel in and around the Caribbean during the Corona virus pandemic. We commit ourselves to giving you the latest announcements regarding your flight or your cruise.


Jet Air is back with weekly flights

Please note that the Special Flight on October 28th can also be combined with the flights starting November 1st. Only a PCR-test and Health Declaration


Starting October 23, the restrictions on Air travel between Aruba and Curacao will be lifted.

Good news for all travels between Aruba and Curacao. You won’t need a PRC test to fly between the two islands anymore. Starting this friday,


Copa Airlines: Available flights in October

In this article you can find the available flights in the upcoming weeks through Panama.


Surinam Airways: Flights from AMS-PBM in October

Amsterdam-Paramaribo flight schedule, Tuesday 13 October 2020 i Before you make a reservation, we ask you to go through the travel conditions carefully first. Check


WestJet Safety – Fogging

We’ve increased the frequency of our cleaning and sanitization measures, and implemented new technologies like fogging, killing up to 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria.


Does Curacao Have The Most Covid Resistant Population in The World?

Your chance of dying from Covid19 on the island of Curacao is a whopping 0.187% With all the scaremongering and wild numbers being thrown at

Destinations Government

Curacao Travel Update!

Instead of 10,000 tourists per month who are allowed to visit Curaçao, this number has been increased to 20,000. That was announced during the press