For the first time in just over 2 months, Jamaica is set to welcome visitors to the island on June 15. In preparation for this, and in light of the continuing efforts to adjust to living with COVID-19, the destination has put in place several measures to the risks associated with opening our borders at this time.

These are the updates:

• All persons intending to travel to Jamaica will need to secure a Travel Authorization before checking in at the airport. The application requires information for the Customs/Immigration Form, information on the intended place of stay and a COVID-19 health questionnaire. The on-line application is available at

o The application can be completed in 5 minutes with an immediate response.

o The airline will need this approval before travelers can check in.

o The Travel Authorization will also be required before travellers can be landed in Jamaica.

• All travellers to Jamaica will need to undergo a COVID-19 PCR/swab test on entry to the island. This will apply to Jamaican nationals and Visitors alike.

• During the period June 15 – 30, testing will be done at the international airports, and costs related to the testing will be borne by the Government of Jamaica. Travellers who return a positive test will be required to be quarantined in a government approved facility, at the traveller’s cost. All travellers are encouraged to travel with health insurance.

• Results from the swab test are generally available within 24 – 48 hours. During that time, travellers are required to stay in Place at home or at their hotels.

• Accommodation facilities which have earned the COVID-19 Protocol Compliance certificate will be allowed to accept visitors. The full list of COVID-19 Protocol Compliant facilities is updated daily on



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