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Caribbean Countries COVID-19 Travel Advisories

As of June 15, 2020

AnguillaClosedPorts remain closed until June 30The categories of persons and activities which are allowed underthe regulation for the period of 1 June to 30 June, 2020 are as follows:(a) aircrafts, ships, vessels or boats licensed for thetransportation of Cargo;(b) aircrafts, ships, vessels or boats used for emergencyservices or for the transportation of emergency personnel or equipment; and(c) government approved aircrafts, ships, vessels or boats usedfor the:(i) repatriation of Anguillian citizens to Anguilla; and(ii) departure of Anguillian and Non-Anguillian citizens fromAnguillaTravel Link:
Antigua and BarbudaAirport: Open The Antigua and Barbuda borders are openAll arriving passengers must have a mask in their possession for use on disembarkation, which must be worn in all public areas throughout the duration of their stay in Antigua and Barbuda.• All arriving passengers must complete a Health Declaration Form and will be subjected to screening and temperature checks by Port Health Authorities upon arrival in Antigua and Barbuda.• All arriving passengers will be monitored for COVID-19 in accordance with guidelines of the Quarantine Authority and may undergo a rapid antigen test on arrival or at the hotel of lodging as determined by the Health Authorities. • All returning nationals will be required to go to a hotel designated by the quarantine authority as a bio secure space for a period of 14 days and will be required to pay a small fee to defray the cost of accommodation. However, returning students will be exempted from payment.• Arriving passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 may be isolated as determined by the Health Authorities. • Transiting passengers/Crew members who require an overnight stay will be required to proceed to a government designated bio space/hotel to await departure.• Passengers arriving by sailing craft (private yachts/Ferry Services) are subject to the guidelines issued by Port Health. • All Marine Pleasure Craft and Ferry Services will enter ONLY at the Nevis Street Pier.• All ground transportation operators will be required to be certified and trained prior to the implementation of new sanitation and social distancing passenger transportation protocols.• Flight organizers are required to provide advance passenger information of all scheduled arrivals
Travel Link:
ArubaOpened to nationals and travelers from Bonaire and CuracaoAruba to open borders with the USA on July 10; and with Europe, Canada and most Caribbean nations on July 1st. The Prime Minister of Aruba has announced that the borders with the USA will be opened on July 10th 2020. As of June 15th the borders will be reopened to travelers from Bonaire and Curacao, and for people from Aruba to travel. On July 1st, the borders will be reopened to travelers from Europe, Canada and other Caribbean nations (with the exception of the Dominican Republic and Haiti).
Pre screening process
– Mandatory ED card to be filled in at least 72 hours before boarding time
– Self health declaration form
– Must wear a mask
– Tourists will be encouraged to take a test before traveling and to upload the test results to a new digital platform that the Aruba authorities are setting up
– Must have medical insurance for COVID-19 coverage (insurance to be provided by insurance companies based in Aruba). An indication of the insurance cost was given by the Minister of Tourism and this was US$15 per insured person per day.
Upon arrival there will be additional procedures at the Aruba airport:
– Thermal camera for temperature screening (initially to be done manually)
– Temperature and symptom checks
– Triage checks
– Obligatory PCR rapid testing of ALL arriving passengers (except for children aged 12 or younger)
– Visitors who decline to take the test will need to go into quarantine– Visitors who test positive will be transported to alternative accommodations for quarantine and will not be staying at their originally reserved accommodations. Travel Link :
The BahamasAirports closed until July 1Private Aviation reopens June 15Sea ports reopen June 15
The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation has announced the destination will begin Phase 1 of the Tourism Readiness and Recovery Plan on Monday, June 15, which welcomes international boaters, yachters and private aviation back to Bahamian shores, across all The Islands Of The Bahamas.
Guidelines, Policies and Procedures for International boaters, yachters and private aviation visiting The Bahamas between June 15 – June 30 are, as follows:A COVID-19 RT-PCR Negative (Swab) Test is required and must be presented upon arrival. Results must be no more than ten (10) days old.Children under the age of two are not required to take a test.Private pilots who do not deplane are not required to take a test. All travellers – both domestic and international – are required to complete an Electronic Health Declaration Form at prior to departure and for any inter-island travel within The Bahamas. An automated response will be provided upon completion, and it is essential that travellers present proof of confirmation upon arrival in their destination This is an important step for contact tracing purposes.No quarantine will be required upon arrival (if all steps are met).Failure to comply with the test requirements and heath form submission will result in denied entry.Boaters must inform marina at least 48 hours prior to vessel’s arrival.
Regulations already allow for inter-island domestic travel for Bahamian citizens and residents.
The second phase will commence on July 1 with the resumption of international commercial travel. 
Travel link:

BarbadosClosedThe Grantley Adams International Airport will remain closed until June 30.- This does not apply to Medevac flights, technical stops, and authorized flights, e.g. humanitarian aid.Travel link:
BelizeClosedThere has been no official announcement. On May 14, the prime minister of Belize indicated that July 1 is a tentative target date on reopening the Philip Goldson International airport (BZE) and allowing travel to Belize. However, this is contingent on several factors including the availability of testing and no new positive cases of COVID-19 until then. 
On May 29, the Prime Minister reiterated the position that July 1st cannot yet be affirmed as a certain reopening date. For now, the airport remains closed as long as the country remains under a state of national emergency. 
All cruise lines have paused operations.
Travel Link:
BermudaOpen (for returning citizens)ClosedCommercial flights will resume on July 1, 2020. Prior to departing for Bermuda, travellers will be responsible for several things, including:obtaining a certified PCR COVID-19 test that is negative and taken within 72 hours of departure;ensuring they have appropriate health insurance;wearing face masks when travelling to the departure airport, and,wearing face masks and practicing physical distancing at the departure airport.There will also be certain forms that must be completed including the Traveller Screening Form.Travel link: arrival in Bermuda, travellers must continue to wear their face mask and practice physical distancing.Customs and Immigration officials will be wearing the necessary levels of personal protective equipment or PPE and shielding.Also, as soon as possible following arrival in Bermuda, every passenger must undergo COVID-19 testing either at the airport or at their accommodations. A travel ban is in place, disallowing travelers to Bermuda unless the person belongs to Bermuda:is a resident of Bermuda or a dependent who has permission to reside in Bermuda,is a crew member of a cargo or commercial aircraft,cargo ship, orhas written permission of the Quarantine Authority of Bermuda to enter.All arrivals must subject themselves to a 14-day quarantineTravel link: is working on a phased reopening of the country and economy. Currently on Phase two, reopening of the borders is the fourth and final phaseTravel Link.  
BonaireOpen to Netherlands only on trialSea ports Closed The measures to come to Bonaire are further relaxed. The airspace that was closed since mid-March will open again in a limited form from July 1st, 2020. People can travel to Bonaire again under certain conditions. A trial with a flight from the Netherlands will start on Thursday, June 11th, 2020.- On arrival, passengers are tested at the airport on Bonaire.- People go into quarantine at home.From Friday, June 12th, 2020 it will be possible to travel from Curaçao to Bonaire and vice versa. A so-called bubble is created. A bubble is an area within which it is safe to travel from one island to another.- Passengers from Curaçao who come to Bonaire do not have to be quarantined. docking ban also applies for cruise ships.
British Virgin IslandsOpen (for returning citizens)The Government of the Virgin Islands has implemented new protocols for persons abroad, who wish to return home to the Territory for the first phased of the re-opening on June 2, 2020. The re-opening will allow for the safe and controlled return of Virgin Islanders, Belongers, Permanent Residents and Naturalised Citizens.
All interested persons must register through the new online portal designed to facilitate this process. The portal allows for each registrant to provide proof of their immigration status and critical information for the necessary pre-checks and assessments by Public Health and Environmental Health Division to receive authorization to travel to back to the Territory during this COVID-19 pandemic.
All information collected during this process will be handled with utmost care and confidentiality. It is advised to read through the Frequently Asked Questions before starting the registration process.Click here for the Frequently Asked QuestionsClick here to begin the registration process  https://www.bvitravel.vgTravel link: 
Cayman IslandsClosed All airports in the Cayman Islands – Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman, Charles Kirkconnell International Airport in Cayman Brac and the Little Cayman Airport – will remain closed to international leisure and non-essential travel until at least 1 September 2020, according to decisions taken by Cabinet. Official decisions regarding border opening continue to be reviewed by the Cayman Islands Government and further decisions will be announced as available. Airports in the Cayman Islands were first closed at 11:59pm on Sunday, 22 March 2020.Travel link:
CuraçaoClosed (Except for nationals with government permission)Limited open borders from July, no quarantine for Dutch peopleA maximum of ten thousand people will be allowed to enter Curaçao from low-risk countries starting July 1. Such as from the Netherlands and other Western European countries to which quarantine no longer applies. CURAÇAO AIRPORT PARTNERS ANNOUNCES READINESS FOR A SAFE RE-OPENING OF OUR CURAÇAO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.Curaçao Airport Partners (CAP) gladly announces that it has been working on several adjustments to the airport facilities in order to comply with guidelines established by our local authorities, which will allow our island to once again welcome travelers. All travelers, whether inbound or outbound, can be assured that a carefully constructed plan has been put in place to safeguard their travel, and the well-being of our airport personnel. MARITIME TRAFFIC All embarked ships that want to lay-up, must stay in quarantine for 2 weeks under strict supervision.Quarantine for cabin crew of yachts is possible; nonetheless it must be in accordance with the established protocol of 14 days quarantine in a local hotel, indicated by the authorities.Change of cabin crew or repatriation is possible, following the protocols established by the local authorities.Travel link: 
DominicaClosedPM Roosevelt Skerrit has discussed the possible opening of borders for regional travel, beginning in July. 
All ports of entry are closed to passenger traffic until further notice. As such, no airlines or ferries are operating into Dominica with passengers. In Keeping with S.R.O. 13 of 2020, only air and sea cargo are allowed with exceptions for Aircraft, Ships or Other vessels carrying the following passengers; (a) Citizens of Dominica ; (b) resident diplomats; (c) medical personnel; (d) any other person authorized in writing by the Minister with responsibility for National Security.Yachts: Entry into the country and mooring offshore is not permitted at this time.Travel link:
Dominican RepublicClosedTourism will be reactivated, opening hotels, airports, gyms and restaurants on July 1st, 2020Travel Link
GuadeloupeClosed (except travel to/from Martinique)Air travel remains subject to a compelling reason of a personal and family nature, a health reason relating to the emergency or a professional reason which cannot be deferred.Anyone entering Guadeloupe by air is subject to around fourteen days quarantine, except for nursing staff, State agents and private-law employees who participate in the management of the health crisis, as well as travelers from Martinique.As part of the gradual deconfinement, given the current health situation of the two islands and their proximity, the prefects of Guadeloupe and Martinique authorize all travel between these two territories from Monday, June 8, 2020.To take a flight to or from Guadeloupe, travelers must complete a sworn statement attesting to this compelling reason and the fact that they do not have symptoms of Covid-19 infection. Failure to present these documents and refusal to submit to a temperature control may result in denied boarding.The regulations of air traffic with Guyana remains Travel Link:
GrenadaAirports closed
Sea ports open
Grenada is working toward the re-opening of its borders on June 30.   Travel Link: On  Wednesday, May 20th, Grenada welcomed its first yacht arrivals, since the closing of seaports to recreational vessels in late March.
GuyanaAirports closed  to international travel
Land Borders: limited opening
Seaports: Closed
Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Monday expects there will be a phased re-opening of the country’s airports to international flights from July 31
Phase 2 is expected to be set into a higher gear with travel permitted for diplomats, foreign workers. It will also see an increase in repatriation flights while moving towards the resumption of regional and international travel. This phase will culminate on July 31.For Phase 3 which will commence in August, paving the way for more travel of foreign nationals and the persons in the tourism and business sectors. It will run until year-end when phase 4 will kickstart. That phase leads to the further reopening of the airports into 2021.

The COVID-19 Emergency Measures (No.3) published in the Gazette 29 April 2020, and effective until June 3, 2020, has been extended to 17 June 2020, as advised by the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF).
The Cheddi Jagan International Airport and Eugene F Correia International Airports shall remain closed to all international flights except for outgoing flights, cargo flights, medical evacuation flights, technical stops for fuel only and special authorised flights.Travel link:
HaitiOpen only for domestic, emergency, humanitarian, medevac and government flights.All flights to Port Au Prince International airport and Tocap Haitian International airport are suspended.
This does not apply to domestic, emergency, humanitarian, medevac and government flights.
Pax from the United States are allowed. All Passenger flights are restricted with approval from the Foreign Affairs office and the Prime Minister to operate particular flights. A 14-day quarantine at a government mandated facility or hotel is required.Travel Link:
JamaicaAirports: Open)Seaports: Open Beginning June 15, the Jamaican borders will be opened to Visitors.  Controlled entry will be facilitated by registration and approval.  
From June 15-30; non nationals who are not business travelers or tourists proceeding to the COVID-19 resilient corridor will be tested.If the test is negative, persons will be placed in quarantine at their intended address or in a Government facilities as determined by the authorities for 14 days.
If the test is positive, persons will be isolated at their intended address or in a Government facility as determined by health authorities. The Ministry of Health & Wellness is working in collaboration with the Airports Authority of Jamaica to ensure that airport operators will continue to screen, test and monitor all passengers arriving to the destination. All persons entering Jamaica will undergo a test for COVID-19.  Testing applies to Nationals as well as to visitors. The health and safety of our residents and visitors remain Jamaica’s top priorities as we reopen our borders.   For the period, only accommodation facilities located on the beach side of the main thoroughfare from Negril to Portland; and those in the Kingston Business District  will be allowed to accept guests.  Note that only properties which have received a COVID-19 Readiness Certificate will be opened on June 15.  As the product quality authority assesses each property, the list will be updated daily on the Travel Authorization page on  All persons intending to travel to Jamaica are required to get the pre-approval.  This includes both Nationals and Non-nationals.Registration and approval will b done online at The Jamaican health regulations require that the approval is issued a maximum of 72 hours before arrival in Jamaica.     A response will be generated within 10 minutes of receipt of the submission. The approval is valid for 7 days Travel Link:
MartiniqueClosedStarting June 26th, the airport is scheduled to open 7 days a week, making landing authorizations easier to get and possible during the weekends. Air travel remains subject to a compelling reason of a personal and family nature, a health reason relating to the emergency or a professional reason which cannot be deferred. To take a flight to or from Guadeloupe, travelers must complete a sworn statement attesting to this compelling reason and the fact that they do not have symptoms of Covid-19 infection. Failure to present these documents and refusal to submit to a temperature control may result in denied boarding. Travel Link:
MontserratClosed (Except for returning Monsterratians)The airport and the seaports are closed, with the following exceptions:Returning Montserratians, are allowed to disembark (arrive) on Montserrat;Returning residents;Spouse and children of a Montserratians and a residentA person arriving for the purpose of aiding in the treatment, control and suppression of COVID19.Medical evacuationsCourier (postal) services
Persons must register to travel to Montserrat by completing and submitting the ‘Access Declaration Form’ at least 72 hours or 3 days prior to the expected date of arrival. Additionally, entry into Montserrat will only be allowed through air access at the John A. Osborne Airport.
1. All persons must wear a mask or face covering on the aircraft, and while being processed at the Airport.2. Upon arrival, Health Officials will screen passengers before allowing them to process through immigration. The screening process will include officials asking questions regarding one’s travel history, address/place of residence for the last 14 days, accommodation arrangements while on Montserrat and transportation arrangements from the Airport to the home address on Montserrat.3. Temperature checks will also be conducted.4. All persons arriving on Montserrat will be required to self-quarantine for 14-days; the host and family may also be required to self-quarantine. Following the assessment, the Ministry of Health will make a determination and indicate whether or not the entire household should also be quarantined.Travel link:
Puerto RicoOpenThe Government of Puerto Rico has activated the Puerto Rico National Guard to assist with enhanced health screenings of all passengers upon arrival into SJU, which consists of a brief verbal screening or temperature check via thermographic cameras, making the process of screening all arriving passengers to the airport more efficient and reliable.Additionally, all commercial flights are being diverted to SJU to control passenger traffic and all passengers (visitors and residents) must self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, regardless of symptoms. Cruise operations: All ports are currently closed for cruise ship vessels.Travel Link: part of the Island’s responsible four-phased reopening plan, the Caribbean destination announced it will formally reopen for in-bound tourism on July 15
St. BarthélemyClosedFrench government restrictions apply – all leisure international air travel is banned. Only citizens or residents, urgent health condition motive, as well as professional trips which cannot be deferred are authorized. Passengers must provide the appropriate paperwork and supporting documents upon entry. Passengers subject to 14 day quarantine. Travel Link:
St. Kitts & NevisClosedOur borders remain closed to international commercial flights and visitors so as to prevent and/or delay the possibility of importing new cases of COVID-19.Travel Link:
St. LuciaAirports openSeaports closedOn June 4th, 2020 St Lucia began to gradually open its borders to regional and international travel.What do visitors need to do to confirm they are eligible for entry to Saint Lucia?Visitors must be tested for Covid-19 up to a maximum of 48 hours before their flight to Saint Lucia. They must be certified Covid free to be able to travel. As of May 18, details are being finalized regarding at which points consumers will be required to present the COVID-19 certificate. This procedure will be finalized shortly.Passport / visa where applicable valid for the duration of their stay All travellers must wear a face mask during the flight and in the airport in Saint Lucia.All travellers must continue the use of face masks on arrival in Saint Lucia. All travellers will be subject to screening and temperature checks by port health authorities in Saint Lucia.Travel link:

St. MaartenClosedThe Princess Juliana International Airport is expected to resume total operations around July 1st but to a specified number of islands that are considered Covid-19 free.Government is also allowing a maximum of 35 residents from abroad at any one time between June 1 and June 30.
St. MartinClosed1. Passengers are not allowed to enter the French West Indies.- This does not apply to passengers who reside in the French West Indies.- This does not apply to passengers traveling for urgent health reasons.- This does not apply to passengers traveling for imperative business reasons.2. A completed International Travel Certificate must be presented prior to boarding and to Immigration upon arrival or when transiting the French West Indies. The certificate must be obtained before departure via the French consular offices abroad or online at https://www.interieur.gouv.fr3. Passengers must go through a medical examination upon arrival and are subject to quarantine for a period of 14 days.- This does not apply to healthcare professionals related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).Travel link: FRENCH WEST INDIES
St Vincent and the GrenadinesOpenSt Vincent and the Grenadines is welcoming travelers with mandatory quarantine of 14 days regardless of country of origin.
Through June 22, all persons arriving from the following countries are required to self-quarantine for 14 days: United States, United Kingdom, EU member countries, Iran, China, South Korea, Italy, Hong Kong and Macau. Persons arriving from countries not listed will be allowed entry so long as no symptoms are exhibited, passengers will be screened upon arrival by a health official. Passengers and crew must wear gloves and masks upon arrival at the airport and practice social distancing. Transfer to an aquatic vessel without quarantine first at a hotel may be approved on a case by case basis.
Travel link:
SurinameClosedThe Surinamese Government has taken the decision to suspend all scheduled flight activity to/from the JAP Int’l Airport (PBM) effective until further notice.
Travel link:
Trinidad and TobagoClosed for general international travel Open only for domestic travelPrime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley has announced a further relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions during a media conference today (Saturday 30 May 2020) at the Diplomatic Center, St Anns.From Monday, June 01, 2020:Air transport to Tobago will resume to meet the demand for flights.
Travel Link:
Turks and  CaicosClosed for general international travel Open only for returning Turks and Caicos Islanders or residents to the Islands.All airports are closed to regional and international flights, whether commercial or private, until 22 July 2020. All sea ports are  closed to regional and international seafaring until 22 July 2020; and
Restriction removed on incoming flights for the purpose of returning Turks and Caicos Islanders or residents to the Islands.Any—Turks and Caicos Islander;permanent resident who ordinarily resides in the Islands for the majority of the year as opposed to those who reside outside of the Islands and only travel to the Islands occasionally during the year;Residence Permit holder who is married to a Turks and Caicos Islander; orBritish Overseas Territories Citizen,shall be permitted entry into the Islands by international air travel subject to the satisfaction of  Regulations.Every person returning to the Islands shall—be placed under quarantine in a specified place for a period of fourteen days and shall be monitored by a health officer for symptoms and signs of Covid-19; andbe required to sign a quarantine order and to complete other relevant forms as required by the Ministry. Travel Link:
United States Virgin IslandsOpenThe Territory’s State of Emergency is in effect through July 11, 2020.
As part of a phased re-opening, Leisure Travel restrictions was lifted on June 1, 2020.
Travel Restrictions:Leisure visitors may travel to the Territory starting June 1Everyone should monitor the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP),Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and airline websites for travel advisories and other pertinent airline screening guidelinesAirportsThe Territory’s airports are open Travelers are advised to contact their airline regarding schedule changes or updatesIncoming passengers are being screened to identify potential health risks and may be required to take the COVID-19 testArriving passengers should follow stay-at-home directives ordered by the Governor and should monitor themselves for 14 days

Travel link:


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