Paramaribo, June 10, 2020

Airlines are going through what certainly can be considered the most challenging time in the history of the airline industry. Amidst all the uncertainty that we are facing with no clear answer to when the COVID-19 pandemic will end, we want to offer our passengers, who have also been impacted by this crisis the opportunity to adjust their travel plans. Surinam Airways offers the following options:


Tickets that can be rebooked:

– All tickets issued on/before the 05th of June 2020, with the original travel dates between March 10th ,2020 and August 31st ,2020. (e.g. If the departure date (original) is on August 31st and the return date on October 05th ,this pap meets this rule )Passenger must communicate to their travel agent or to Surinam Airways via email, when they plan to rebook their flight and this must be done within a year after the original ticket issue date. (e.g. If ticket is issued in July 2019 the passenger can rebook his flights until July 2020, even though the departure date is e.g. August 2020 )

How will the rebooking be processed:

– All tickets that are applicable for a rebooking according to aforementioned dates, will be put on hold by Surinam Airways.Who can rebook:

– All passengers holding airline tickets on Surinam Airways ticket stock (192)

Rules that apply for changes:

– Change fee is waived for tickets that meet the aforementioned criteria.
-Travel dates can be changed in the same fare class as mentioned in the original ticket until December 02, 2020.
(If pap is travelling between 17Jul20 and 02dec20 the change will be free of charge. That means that the new date must be booked in the original bookingclass. If the class is not available, than please contact the Reservation Control Department to adjust reservation, before reissuance of ticket. If the new travelling date is after 02dec20, only the change fee will be waived. – The destination of the original tickets can be changed for a new destination however a difference in fare may apply. – Exchanging of an already issued ticket for a lower fare class is not allowed. – If the passenger who the original ticket was issued to is no longer able to travel, the ticket can be transferred to another person. This is only allowed ONCE. The choice to transfer to another person must be communicated within a year after the ticket issue date. Agents must present a valid authorization letter signed by the passenger of the original issued ticket and a copy of the identification card or passport. Transfer of tickets can only be approved by Surinam Airways.

It is also possible to put the ticket ‘’On hold ‘’ or to transfer the ticket to another passenger. In this case the travelagent for example can forward the refund request to Surinam Airways (PO/PS/RC/AE). The ticket will be changed into a voucher by SLM which will be used to issue the new ticket. The airline will forward the new ticket to the travelagent. If possible the travelagent can make the new reservation and the airline issues the new ticket, over which no commission is valid. – Endorsement box and SSR Note: “valid on PY only -COVID-19” NOTE: During the COVID-19 period there will be no changes in the agent commission of tickets that have already been issued.


Who can request a refund:

The following refund rules are only applicable for passengers whose tickets were issued on/before July the 16th 2020 and with original travel dates between March 10th and August 31th, 2020. Rules for requested refunds:

According to existing fare rules (including partially used tickets) ( e.g. For non-refundable fares , no refunds )

Credit will be reimbursed within six (6) months after refund request for those passengers whose refund requests are for tickets in the aforementioned period.

Passengers should request their refund through their agents and agents will request authorization for the refund by sending an e-mail to and/or via the BSP link.

Refunds through the GDS are prohibited.

NOTE: In case of Refunds the agent commission must be reimbursed to Surinam Airways.
If there are any questions regarding this Bulletin, please mail to :

Kind regards and STAY SAFE!
Surinam Airways



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