Willemstad – Curacao has taken note of an announcement by the US that they are intensifying their anti drug operations in the region. The Government of Curacao has also noted different publications in the social media. A series of anti drug operations have been planned. Regularly, the US and other partners such as the Kingdom of the Netherlands undergo similar operations in our region. The Government of Curacao supports the actions because it is in Curacao’s best interest when this type of crime is combatted. The governments keeps in close contact with the US authorities and other Kingdom partners and continues to monitor the developments. The government emphasizes once more that we will not permit our territory to be part of a military action against Venezuela.

The presence of soldiers in Curacao has nothing to do with the anti drug operations by the US. As it is known, we deploy soldiers to guard our coasts and territory against the possible entrance of Venezuelan migrants. At the government’s request, the Curacao militia helps KPC in monitoring the implementation of the shelter-in- place measures. 



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