Persons receiving social security of whom the bank cards expired in March 2020 must go to their community centre (‘kas di bario’) Friday 3 April 2020 and Monday 5 April 2020 8 am through 12 pm or 2 pm through 4 pm to receive their new bank cards. 

You must present your old bank card and a valid sedula or driver’s license at the community center. The PIN code stays the same. The above clients of the Ministry SOAW received their bank cards March 2016. If you cannot be present on the above dates you must call one of the following numbers:

Kas di Bario Punda/Banda Ariba, Tel.: 465-80530

Kas di Bario Otrobanda/Dokterstuin, Tel.: 462-4500

Kas di Bario Brievengat, Tel.: 736-7500

Kas di Bario Sta. Maria, Tel.: 869-6660

The Ministry SOAW urges you to collect your new bank card on one of the above-mentioned dates because the machine will swallow your current card after it has  expired.



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