Information on preschools that will remain open during the Corona Virus crisis

WILLEMSTAD – In connection with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Government of Curaçao, together with the Organization for the Integral Development of the Child (SIFMA/ODIM), wishes to inform the parents of children attending pre-school and all who labor at a preschool of the following information.

As announced by the Government of Curaçao, starting Tuesday march 17, 2020, all preschools (including nurseries/childcare/kindergarten) and afterschool institutions, similar to schools, must close until Monday March 21, 2020.  The school closure period will be evaluated on Thursday March 19, and all changes will be communicated accordingly.

The Government appeals to parents that have children in preschool but who must work in order to attend to the crisis situation, to first and foremost, try to arrange care within the family network. Do not leave children with the elderly, as they are most at risk and vulnerable to the virus. If care cannot be arranged through family, then it is possible to make use of 3 preschools that will remain open during the crisis.

The preschools that will remain open will welcome children whose parents must remain at work during the crisis, for example medical professionals, education professionals, law enforcement, supermarket employees, media, public transportation, public sanitation (Selikor) and others as stipulated in the attached list. (See attachment)

Parents who fall within the mentioned categories and who wish to arrange care for their children, can contact the preschool their child currently attends to receive more information on the preschools that will remain open during the crisis. Please be advised that a few short questions will be asked in order to evaluate the request.

The Government counts on the preschools that are open during the crisis to provide the necessary support to parents who may need their assistance in caring for their children.

Any parents or persons who may have additional questions, can contact ODIM (Organization for the Integral Development of the Child) at the following contact numbers:

Whatsapp: +599 9 6702930, +599 9 670 2931, +599 9 670 2932,

Call & Whatsapp: +599 9 5297369,+599 9 562 7369



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