Hato Airport:

Following are the conditions for travel:

1) All carriers can land at Curacao Hato airport;

2) Passengers are not allowed to travel inbound to Curacao; Exempted are Legal Residents of Curacao with a Government ID (Sedula). Passengers must be able to prove that they have a Government ID (Sedula), or proof of registration not older than 6 months (this should be checked by every airline, before departure);

3) Exempted for travel to Curacao are also Medical Specialists and personnel in the interest of public health and other persons deemed necessary by the government in the interest of Curacao. These passengers will have to show a verification letter from the government of Curacao that they are allowed to travel.

4) All Passengers may embark in Curacao for repatriation back home;

5) There will be no additional measures imposed on flight crews beside the company’s protocol to ensure that flight crews are not infected;

6) The aircraft will be handled normally for normal operations;

7) Immigration and the Department of Health of the Government of Curacao will be performing their required screening and questioning of arriving passengers;

8) Although these measures are effective Thursday, 19 March 2020, 00.00 LT (04.00 UTC), the CCAA advises you to limit the travel, as of immediately, of non-residents to Curacao as no guarantee can be given as to the exact return date of their travels;

9) There are no restrictions for cargo operations



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